Yazcore Volume 2?

Yep, I think thereís going to be a volume 2. Iím starting to think about putting one together. So, this is to explain a few things and whatever.

Tell me more Dave.

Ok, I will. Firstly, itís still tentative plans. I have to try and finish selling Vol 1 before I can know I can do a volume 2. If I do Vol 2, itís going to cost £5. Why? Well, itíll be a bigger pressing than Vol1, which means Iíll initially have to fork out more money myself. And Iíve learnt that though I can do a CD for £3, I do need to make something off it myself. Yep, Iíll be honest here and now. At a fiver, Iíll hope to make a little bit of money myself. But, after 11 issues and 1 CD of not doing so, I think Iím entitled to it. And besides, as a one man operation, I have to do all the funding myself for future issues/projects. So anything I do make, will go towards the next thing. That means that if for instance there was a Vol3, Iíd have the initial funds to do it earlier, not like here where I have to wait and see if I can afford to do it. Itíll still be as packed as I can make it, and with accompanying zine, I still think itíll be value for money. Alternatively it may simply mean that the non-cd issues of the zine can become free again because I may have the money to cover printing costs. Or that I can fund buying CDs. I have to admit, itís getting harder and harder to be able to afford to buy enough material to review in here and go to gigs etc. And thatís with having a full time research job. Which is why thereís no doubt a lot of releases missing that you may have expected a review of. Even places sending me stuff seem to make selective choices as to what they send. And some places that I send copies to just blatantly ignore it. So their releases can often fuck off. They become slightly lower on the priority list.

Want your band on it?

Iíve already got a good idea on who I want to be featured on Vol2, but if youíre in a band and want a chance, well youíre going to have to send me some of your material. If you do though, please donít expect that just because you sent a tape or CD youíre going to be on there. Like I said, Iíve some ideas already, so thereís only going to be limited space. But if I want to, Iíll get in touch and sort things out. And I want to continue the them of what YazCORE is supposed to be about. The variety of UK bands. Not just metal. Not just hardcore. Not just alternative. A mixture. A CORE that embraces more than just one core. And Iím going to stick with UK bands again. Partly because this zine is trying to support them, and I hope that other zines in other countries support their scenes. Iím more than happy to sell and trade to other countries, and am always interested in hearing stuff from abroad. But the other reason, is it just makes it so much easier than having to try and arrange things with a band on the other side of the world. I need UK domination before I can attempt world domination! Oh, and if youíre on it, Iíll want you to buy 10 copies to sell. Thatís the deal. It just means I have less to get rid of myself, and it gets back some of the initial outlay that Iíll be forking out. If you want to buy more, feel free to do so.


Ah, thatís something Iíve learned from the first one. Donít plan to do a CD with the very next issue. Allow a little bit of time for all the delays and everything that is going to go wrong. Cos it will go wrong. So yeah, I reckon that the end of the year is probably the earliest you can expect it. Which will make it, ooh, say issue 13 or 14. This is advance warning to get your demos in and save your money.

You can help!

Yeah, you can. Iím going to try and do this without the asssistance of the wonderful music industry again, and all the business crap that goes with it. Which means that it once more wonít be distributed in the shops. Itíll be done through the bands and word of mouth. But if you feel like buying some copies and selling them to your friends, well, that would be great. And in that way, you yourself can make a difference and be actively supporting whatís going on. Iím not naieve enough to think this is all going to make a major impact, but you can get involved. You can do your bit to show those that think they know everything, that in reality they know very little. To do what I want, how I want, I need your help.


Well, if youíre a band and you are, get sending me your material to the normal address:


Flat 1, 18 Zulla Road,Mapperley Park,

Nottingham, NG3 5DB

Youíve nothing to lose. And at the very least, all the stuff I receive will get reviewed in here at some stage anyway.

If youíre just interested in a copy or selling some, well hang on. Like I said, this is just planting the seed at the moment. More details will become available as I work them out. So check the next couple of issues for more details. But hopefully, with your help, this is just the start of it.