YAZ #11 - What's in it!

Trying something different here. The table of contents here is in the order the printed zine appears. So, if you follow from top to bottom, it'll be the same as reading from front cover to back. There are some references that only make sense if you've read other stuff, preceeding stuff. That's why I'm trying it this way. It may be more muddled, less structured than REVIEWS / INTERVIEWS / DEMOS sections, but hopefully it gives a bit more of a sense of the real zine.



Earth Crisis interview

Reviews - Emperor, Fu Manchu cds, Organ zine

Reviews - Spy versus Spy, The Babies Three, Imbalance cds

Reviews - Heavens Gate, H20, Vanilla Pod cds

Reviews - Shredding paper zine, Punk Planet zine, Fracture zine, Killswitch demo

Cay interview

Reviews - Atari Teenage Riot, Garbage, Liberty 37 cds

Various - 59 X The Pain gig, Flaw demo, Why you should support your countries bands

Gig review - Derby Hardcore All Dayer. Itchy Bum zine

Reviews - Rydell / Sunfactor / Babies Three split cd, Portishead, Spocks Beard cds, Firefight zine

Earthtone9 interview

Reviews - Chasm demo, Stabbing Westward, Acid Death cds

Reviews - Backyard Babies gig, Def'er Than E'er zine, Funtime zine, Cay album

Reviews - Babies Three/Rydell/Grand Central gig, Grand Central demo

Reviews - Shallow / Blackfoot gig, BlowHoly album

Sack Trick interview

Reviews - Unida/Dozer, Magic Wave, Neurosis cds

Reviews - Perish As Fools demo, Radiator CD, Pitchshifter gig

BlowHoly interview

Reviews - Iron Monkey / Medulla Nocte gig, Better Than A Thousand gig, Intoxicated zine

Major rant against Grand Central and bands that take zines for granted.

Reviews - Mogwai, Douglas and PN cds.

Reviews - Hard To Swallow / Canvas split CD, Unfounded, Muy Feo, Darkmoon cds.

Reviews - Snubnose32 demo, Emperor gig

Reviews- news on Hero, Zebrahead, Snapcase Vs Boy Sets Fire, Cardiacs cds

Reviews - Will Haven, Lockjaw compilation

Reviews - One Car Pile Up / Vanilla Pod gig, Capdown single

Reviews - Circle/Exit Nineteen/Reply/PN split CD, The Big Cheese zine, 3D House Of Beef cd.

Reviews - 3D House of Beef / Kill II This / Skeem / Milque gig review, Chasm gig review, hints to next issues reviews.

Reviews - Earth Crisis gig, Subvert CD

Reviews - Subhumans Covers CD, Crackdown, My Ruin single, Blindspot zine, oops.

Review - One Minute Silence / Stampin' Ground / Breed 77 gig review

Kill II This interview

Reviews - Fugazi gig, Cowpuncher demo

Reviews - Eastcide, Toxic Field Mice, 7th Rail Crew, Slughog cds

Reviews - Light of the Morning, Paradise Lost, Hangnail, Arch Enemy cds

Reviews - Fantomas CD, Highroad no. 28 demo

Review - System of a Down / Spineshank / Static-X gig

Paradise Lost interview

Review - Paradise Lost / Sounddisciples gig

Reviews - Unjust, Anathema CDs, Flight Of Fantasy demo

Reviews - Machine Head, Ministry cds, Undergroove zine

Reviews - Merauder, Friend Of The Devil zine, Feeder / Straw gig

Reviews - Medulla Nocte / Freebase split CD, Noisegate / Charger gig

Dai Lo interview

Reviews - Black Not Green, Enmity, The Saffs, Fog Donkey demos

Reviews - SOD cd, Madball gig

Reviews - All Out War/Stigmata gig, Samiam/Caffeine/Douglas gig, Rock City Review er, zine.

Reviews - Clam Abuse cd, Anathema / Hangnail gig.

Reviews - Godflesh gig, Coal Chamber CD

Reviews - Earthtone9 CD

Reviews - Blackrock demo, RDP/Sick On The Bus gig

Reviews - Medulla Nocte / Milque gig, a rant to finish.

The inside back cover - playlist, contact details, acknowledgments, disclaimer.