Notice how rebellious Iím being here with this column sideways (well it would be if you were reading the printed zine). Rock, and muthafucking rollllllllll. Dude. Ok, enough of my anarchist tendencies, hereís a bunch of CDís I traded some copies of Yazcore for from Matt in the States. Donít know a great deal about the bands, and some of the releases are from Ď98, but as theyíre a bunch of bands local to Matt, I doubt that many people have heard too much of them, or read too many reviews. So here goes. The support upcoming bands message applies everywhere. Not just in the UK. Or the States. Whereever you are, they need your support. Sermon over. First up itís ....

7th Rail Crew - Static


Who offer up an 8 track affair. And as What Eye? opens, itís a bit of a chugathon. The vocals open, and weíre into that rap style. Ah, that must mean itís rapcore. Not always my favourite Ďcore it has to be said, but this feels nice and heavy, and itís not trying to be the Fred Durst style. Static is up and continues the theme. Monster Zero has some interesting background sound going on in there, sounds like an added bit of drumming, almost like someones playing a constant bongo. Hey, how about it? Bongocore. Sorry. Anyway, yeah, it feels pretty inoffensive, and I thought so, thereís a twin vocal attack in here, a la 3rd Stone. Weíre onto Seven Years Of Bad Luck now, and things are flying by pretty quickly, which is a good sign. Just a feeling that, as with this style of music in general, Iíd like a shift of tempo, some really off the wall time changes. It all feels one paced and dimensional at times. Itís a different throw on the rock angle, but itís just a singular different throw, instead of a variety of them.

The remaining tracks, Rupert Pupkin, Sangue, Two Bit Has Been and 24-7, see the re-enforcement of the blueprint rather than breaking it. If the rapcore thing is your thing, well it sounds worthwhile to me. If not, probably unlikely to give you an erection. Me, I must be honest and say that I canít see me reaching for it that often. But I should temper that by the knowledge that in doing this zine I either recieve or go out and buy so many CDs that I just canít listen to them all for the prolonger period of time I used to do with the Maiden albums when I only had like 20 or 30 albums. As the collection grows, the time youíre able to devote to them to allow them to grow over you into a classic decreases. Got to be a reseach paper in there for whoeverís interested!

Available on: Capo Records, PO Box 35188, Boston, MA 02135.

Toxic Field Mice - Nobody Cried When Jaws Died.


Well, no matter what happens when you play the CD, youíve gotta be impressed by the name and the title. And it gives me absolutely no idea of what to expect musically.

Anyway, weíve got a 16 tracker here, which I believe is an album plus demo recordings or original EP. Something like that. And weíre half way into the opener G.O.P now. And already thereís the little bit of variety that was missing from the 7th Rail Crew. Thereís still the rap thing going on, but thereís a couple of other changes of style and they appear to be prepared to break out from the almighty groove to provide some musical change. Groove is good, but when itís constant with no diversion, then it can get old and boring just as quickly as anything else. And the end of the song sees itself out on a nice melodic guitar piece. It appears to set the scene for the rest of the album, with Mescalifornia being a standout in particular. Already thereís the feeling that this particular CD may see a little action on the old death deck. The Power Of Hydraulics sees the pace slow down a little, a more traditional sounding kind of song. So far everythingís sounded different on here. A good sign, though weíve still got about 11 tracks to go. Hmm, just checked the website. It appears theyíve done a tour of the UK. And I wasnít there and didnít know about it. Bugger. So how far behind am I on everything then? I just said people wonít have heard of these bands, (in that anarchy column on the side <-) and here Iím potentially being proven wrong.

Itís getting bogged down a little in the middle, and 2,4-d ends with one of those really irritating fucking moments where they decide to try and make you think that your CD player is shagged. Ah well, Accosted makes up for that. TFM offer the variety that is needed in music.

Drunken Uncle brings some humour to proceedings, appearing to be a life recording of a between song chat between band and crowd. One of those humour "fuck you", "no, fuck YOU" type things, that you ultimately have to be there, but close your eyes and you can see it happening. Course, itís happening in like the Derby Vicsí of this world, not the heavy Rock Citysí. Anyway, Base Song is highly melodic and infectious, definitely one of the standout tracks here, and the whole thing ends with the ludicrous Dingo In The Bush. In fact, the entire thing is good. Well, save that bogged down in the middle bit. But given enough time and space, Iím sure we can overcome that little difficulty.

Available on: Retaliate Records, PO Box 230130, Boston, MA 02123 USA.

Slughog - Ungodly Amounts Of Meat.

Iíve got visions of the 3D sound for this one before I even begin to listen to it. Preconceptions? Sure, time to see if Iím right or so far off the mark that Iím way off the mark.Yep, Iím way off the mark. Though it is kinda sludgy in here. But itís just flying over the top of me at the moment. Best come back to it in a while I guess. I need something easier to listen to at the moment.

It's strange. It feels a bit shambolic in some respects, a bit out of tune and discordant such as in Answer: The Best Kind and Lake. This can be interesting within some bands, but it needs the strength of the song to support it, and I'm not sure this has it. Or it may do, but it's hidden to an extent that I'm not sure that I'll be working to see if I can uncover it.



Eastcide - Everybodys Walking ... Away


Final offering this one then. Anything offering a sample of "You are about to embark on the most wonderful experience of your life" is fighting talk in these here hills, and certainly opening them to a beating. But hey Dave, lighten up, itís only music. Yeah, ok, (growl). Dealing with a rappy sort of hardcore thing, nothing is outstanding, though So Long does have a nice riff in the middle of it and an interesting ending.

But, Iíve got to say, they kill it. KILL IT, with the final track. It goes into one of those hidden track things. 3 fucking times. Now, that theyíre actually good songs Iím not going to dispute. Or review. Fuck it, I hate people that use a bollocks excuse for not reviewing something, but hidden tracks test my patience.

The rest of the album is ok, fairly standard fare though, but nothing to entice me. Best of the bunch here has been those Toxic Field Mice. By a long shot.