The End

Sheesh, that was madness. Trust me, DO NOT expect 80 pages next time. Weíll see what happens. And I still didnít fit everything in, so if youíve sent your demo or whatever, next time. It will get done. Think Iíd better go and lay down for a while after all that. While I do, you may be needing some ....

Contact Addresses:

Household Name Records, PO Box 12286, London, SW9 6FE, UK

Organ, Unit 212, The Old Gramaphone Works, 326 Kensal Road, London W10 5BZ, UK

Funtime Records, Dutselhoek 12, B 3220, Holsbeek, Belgium.

Contrition records PO Box 187, Leeds, LS6 1LH.

Blackfish Records, PO Box 15, Ledbury, HR8 1YG.

Subjugation PO Box 191 Darlington DL3 8YN.

Black Canvas Records, 5 Bessemer Rd, NR4 6DQ.

Lockjaw Redocrds, 1 Oaklands Cradley, Malvern, WR13 5LA.

Copro Records, PO Box 4429, Henley On Thames, Oxon, RG9 1GH.

The Old Angel 7 Stoney Street, Nottingham NG1 1LG.

The Playlist.

The Beyond - Manic Sound Panic (Quite possibly the greatest EP recorded by a British band in the 90s. Or just possibly the greatest EP ever. Four astounding songs that still sound awesome 9 years after it was originally recorded. Youíll probably never find it, but if you do, buy it. Vinyl only, and a true classic. Eve Of My Release is one of the greatest songs ever)

The Babies Three - Homosexual Love Ballads (album title of last and this year).

Dai Lo those utterly wonderful demos.

BlowHoly - Church Bizarre (Take the chance. Go on. Just once in your life)

Grand Central - demo (yeah, even if Iím not happy with a member of the bands attitude. Itís still a great demo)

Neurosis - Times Of Grace (Well itís Neurosis. And that tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Toxic Field Mice - Nobody Cried When Jaws Died

Anathema - Judgement (you really should get this, it is great music)

Blackrock - demos, (like stoner? Check out Blackrock. The best there is.)

Earthtone9 - Off Kilter Enhancement (Theyíve managed to top that debut!)

Medulla Nocte - Nothing For Second (awesome track from the Freebase split CD)

Hero - demo songs - (needed something to lighten the mood after that final gig).

Iron Maiden - Live After Death (in honour of the reunion. Not convinced ... but!)

Sophia - Fixed Water (Gorgeous. Please do some gigs. Please!)

Mr Bungle - California (Paul Nocte wasnít wrong. Awesome. Yes, maybe more commercial than before, but the best Bungle thus far. Patton croons it, the music is adventurous and safe at the same time. More next time. Buy buy buy.)

Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes. - Yeah itís old, but itís a beautiful album, I love female singers, they can just add that something else., and more emotion than the likes of Korn will EVER muster. Itís a reliable album for me when I need it.

And I might just be playing a couple of choice Garbage songs every now and then.


Bands, labels or whoever!!!! Want something reviewed?

Well, if you do, itís simple really, if you want something reviewed, then send it to the address which is below and Iíll do it.

I could do with more demos. I want to review more demos, but as Iíve said before, I only have limited time and resources to trawl through and find stuff myself. You can help me by passing them on, if you know a band with a demo who wants a review, then pass on my details to them.

I try to review everything I receive, though it may take a couple of issues, but it will get done. Trying to review everything I receive means that if I donít like it, then thatís what gets said. You takes your chance.

And in case youíre still wondering what stuff I listen to and review. Well, I hope Iím reasonably open minded and cover most stuff. Metal, punk, hardcore, light, heavy, commercial, extreme ... whatever. If you think thereís a major album that Iíve missed, well chances are Iíve not been sent a copy and just havenít bought it. Simple as that. If you want to see it reviewed, then as a label you should send it,, as a person, maybe "loan" me a copy. Itís the reason Metallica, Maiden, Skunk Anansie and loads more ainít been reviewed. Canít afford to buy them.


Crikey. Everyone. Every single one of you deserves an acknowledgment. For being alive and for being wonderful wonderful people. But you ainít getting one! Nah, cheers to the people that have helped out. Look into your conscious. Youíll know if it includes you.

Thanks to Vickie for letting me tape the Beyond EP so that I can once more listen and be blown away by it. Itís so good you wonít believe it.

Cheers to Dan for sorting out various bits and pieces. Letís hope TOA is the success it needs and to be. To Matt for the trade and Alastair and Marksound for the demos.

Whoever else has helped, cheers.


Well, I still like it, so I claim that itís not someone who walks into a record shop and asks for a disc!

All spelling mistakes are intentional and on purpose, designed to test your skill of observation and not down to stupidity on my behalf. Well, not all the time. Factual mistakes are usually mine, but could be blamed on the computer, or the government, or just the little green men.

The views are my own, except those expressed by other people. If you disagree with them, fine. But remember, itís only an opinion, everyoneís entitled to it, and itís a semi-free country. But does it really matter?