Sophia Fixed Water

This album was first released in 1996, but I've only recently found it and got a copy. But it's too good an album to be ignored, so here goes.

This is the first release from former God Machine frontman Robin Proper-Shepperd. Following the demise of the God Machine, as a result of bassist Jimmy Fernandez tragic death, it's taken a couple of years for anything new to emerge. But this is the result. Very different to the music of the God Machine, this is an all acoustic set of songs. Sometimes solo, sometimes with "The Sophia Collective". Lyrically it's not a happy album, but the emotion and beauty of the songs shines through, especially on some of the occasions when the vocals seem to crack a little.

Highlights? The entire thing. If you have an open mind, listen to this, though probably not when depressed. It shows how good acoustic music can be. Then, do yourselves a favour and go buy the 2 God Machine albums. A talent like this shouldn't be neglected.

I don't know how else to describe this other than beautiful.