YAZ (Zine - the revenge!)

Welcome. It didn't die. Despite a lack of critical reviews or indeed, anything else, it's back. It's not bigger, it's not bolder and it's not better than ever. But welcome to 'zine- the revenge'. It's undergone a temporary name change to Y.A.Z, which of course means Yet Another Zine, cos it is, and cos I can't think of anything better. This time round there's well, same as last time really, a bunch of interviews (though with different bands), gig, album and demo reviews, and me giving me unwanted opinion on whatever I decide to give my unwanted opinion on. Oh, and some more piccies were I can borrow them. But there's still more to READ than to LOOK at. So as ever, pull up a chair, kick back, relax and enjoy. And again, if you think it's bollocks and can do better, then do a zine yourself. There's plenty of good stuff out there, and if's fun to discover. If you like it, get in touch and let me know, and then photocopy it and give it to a friend, hell give it to 2.

The Electronic version (ie, this one) still doesn't have flash design, dancing pages or talking penguins, and probably never will. That's not the intention. I'm no artist, or designer or anything. Print it out, read, enjoy, then go discover.

No, I need the all in one electronic version.

If you have any contacts, please mail me

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Scratching Post

Far tour Diary

3D House of Beef / Scarabeus

Human Waste Project


Albums / Singles

Alternative Wildhearts review


System of a Down


Entombed / Neurosis
Voivod / Cynical Smile
Deftones / Far
Tura Satana / Human Waste Project
The Jellys

Miscellaneous debris

Tour dates
Venting The Spleen
Contact details, acknowledgements etc

Dave, once more, you have proven you're a genius and I love you. Take me back to your main page. Aw gee shucks, well, as you put it so nicely