NOFX - So long, and thanks for the shoes

The latest effort from veteran punks NOFX. And it's a bit of a disappointment. But maybe I'm just not punk enough. Joke, get over it. Really, for me, this album just doesn't have the lure of their last 2 studio efforts. Sure, it's fast, fun (in places) and contains all the usual NOFX malarky. But ... the songs just don't grab me in the same way. It almost sounds like they're trying to be a bit more disposable than before.

But you take NOFX for what they are, and songs like it's my job to keep punk rock elite and murder the goverment race by in the blink of an eye (wonder if I can get any more cliches in to this review).

Personally I tend to love it when NOFX stretch out into their ska like excursions and just drop things down a notch. This album, as ever, has a few of those moments like all outta angst, but they just don't get there as before.

Not a bad album at all, just not done the business for me as previous albums have. run of the mill almost. If you're a NOFX fan, you'll already have it, if you're not sure, I'd still recommend one of the earlier albums. Many longtime NOFX fans may not like it, but I still have a soft spot for Punk in Drublic, or the live effort, I Heard They Suck Live.