System of a Down - Demo

Well, finally I'm going to review this. It'll be short and sweet. This is the third demo by LAs System of a Down, and with the band currently recording their debut album, looks like being the last demo.

3 tracks, and not a duff moment in sight. From the start, they manage to present music which is both exciting, familiar yet different to grab the attention. It's heavy, in the manner that fans of Machine Head, Sepultura or Korn will enjoy, but then suddenly they throw in a little more subtlety.

Serj vocals are a standout, changing from a raging hardcoreesque style to a more gentle manner. This is a band with their own style. Despite Serj telling me otherwise, I still think that there is an Armenian style sound to songs like Peep-Hole. Whatever it is, it sets them apart.

The album will be released hopefully in the first half of 1998, and then watch things take off.

There's no point saying much more. If you're interested, get in touch and I'll sort you out with more details and whatever.