The end bits ... for now

Well, once more we have reached the end. Hope it's been fun for you, and if not, well what better excuse do you need to create something yourself. After all, if I can put this together, then you can do better, so do it. But, we do need to finish things off properly, so here we go...


If you have any comments, want to contribute or whatever, get in touch. You can either do it by dropping me an e-mail at, or write to me. Dave, 2 Evelyn Street, Beeston, Nott, NG9 2EU.

You can also contact me if you want future issues or copies of the other issues.


Well, this whole thing was initially meant to be a collaboration, so thanks to the people who did actually help out. Thanks also to the people that commented on the first ish, hope this one was better. Who knows, one day I (we) may even get it right and produce something decent. As ever, thanks to the bands who allowed themselves to be subjected to this ordeal. If you can survive this, you can survive anything. Extra thanks to Jonah for the use of the Far journal and images, and Mrs Echo. for the use of the HWP images and Kev for supplying me with HWP music in the first place, long before it was really available. And cheers to the collective apathy of the world. Until the next round ... shutup!