Venting the Spleen

I wasn't going to do it this time round, but what the hell. Not very well done this time but well so what. Here goes.

Musical pigeonholes

You can't listen to THAT, you're a metalhead. Or, you like that!!!!. Classic lines that we've probably all encountered. But see, I'm more punk than you. Er, yeah right. Got nothing better to do then. So, all open minded people take a look at image, apply the appropriate stereotype and then decide for you what you can and can't listen to. I don't have a regulation shaved head and tatts, so I can't be into hardcore. And I don't have dreads and piercings, so I probably can't listen to the new metal shit. I look like a relic from the 80s. Get up to date man. Well sorry, but new image isn't going to dictate to me. I like what I like. I try to approach things with an open mind, and at the end of the day, I'd say I listen to more stuff and have more of a passion for music than many people. And that's what counts, your passion for something.

Does it really have to rock 24 hours a day? I don't think so. Not if you really care about the music and if it's important to you. So listen to punk, metal, indie, grunge, techno or whatever. The worst thing is when you sell out to yourself by listening to only the style of music which others dictate to you, or your image dictates.