FourWayKill demo.

This, as far as I'm aware, is the first demo from FourWayKill. The bit that said Demo 1 on the cassette helped in that assertion. Recorded as a 4-piece, they've now added a fifth member on rhythm guitar, which according to vocalist Chris makes them 'heavy as fuck'. Which is not to say that this 4 track offering is lightweight in any way. There's elements of new and old in here. Some of the so called new metal elements, attached to bits of old school thrash, but in a way that is contemporary and classy. The recording is pretty excellent for a demo, which possibly explains why they are currently recording new material for 'interested parties'. Should be well worth checking out in the live environment as well. You can contact the band at:

FourwayKill, Flat 6, 82 Severn Rd, WestonSuperMare.