YAZ 3 (The World 0)

Come on in, don't be shy or scared. It's safe in here. Honest.

Ha, a third issue! What a shocker. No, not the content, I'm talking of it's mere continued existence. And this time people have seen it. So, that means that this one is a battle of controlling the ego. No star turns, or throwing a tantrum at breaking a fingernail on the keyboard. I'll try. Anyway, if you saw the last one, you may have seen a bit at the end which said what I thought this ish would feature. Well it was wrong! But as one of my talents(?) doesn't include predicting the future successfully, that's the way it goes.

Anyway, if you've seen it before, you know the score. I will try, to cover as many bands as possible, but sometimes it is governed by favouritism. That and what I can afford to buy. And what I actually get round to trying to arrange for interviews. And guess what, there's yet another 'kin Human Waste Project interview for ya. Anyway something may be of interest, and there may be bands you've not heard of. Try and contact them, I'm sure they won't mind.

And yeah, sometimes the 'word' I tends to dominate. Well, maybe this is just one big ego trip! So! Settle in and enjoy the ride. And this ish's title is in honour of this year's World Cup, which sadly Wales won't win, due in no small measure, to having not qualified. So, my money, and hopes are with Jamaica. Can you imagine the party they'd have if they won. Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole .... (Sung to the right tune of course.). And YES, if you want to copy this and pass it on to someone, please feel free to do so.

And if you've gotten any demos you want badly reviewed, then pass them on.

The Electronic version (ie, this one) still doesn't have flash design, dancing pages or talking penguins, and probably never will. That's not the intention. I'm no artist, or designer or anything. Print it out, read, enjoy, then go discover.

If you want a printed copy of it, as it should look, then contact me and I'll try and sort one out. But, this is done out of my own pocket, so you'll have to try and bear with me on it. UK is fine, elsewhere starts getting expensive.

Any comments, then mail me and let me know.

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Dave, once more, you have proven you're a genius and I love you. Take me back to your main page. Aw gee shucks, well, as you put it so nicely