Jack Off Jill - Sexless Demons and Scars

Female Marilyn Manson. See, that's the easy cop out thing to say about this one, and the label that I think will end up getting applied to them. And if that's all you need to convince yourself to go and buy it, then fair enough. If it kinda puts you off, then, like I said, it's the easy option, and you should maybe think a little more before dismissing it.

The MM thought is there right from the way things are laid out, the sloganeering, but it's more circa Portrait ... than Antichrist ...There are times when it also does tend to cross musically into MM territory, and the lyrics and the style of delivery also cross that boundary. But at the end of the day, it's still about the songs. And there are some irritatingly good ones on here, most especially My Cat, also known as Get Your gunn, or Devil With The Black Dress On (what is that song that this reminds me of. Argh, i hate it when that happens, and I'm scared it's gonna end up being something dreadful like Guns 'n' Roses) and Girlscout.

Much of this album is fun to listen to and easy to listen to, and maybe that's a bit of the problem, it's not challenging enough. At the end of the day it's down to taste. Jessicka's vocals are pretty reminiscent of a lot of female vocalists these days that I actually like. Ok, if you wanna know, I think of a cross between Tarrie B and Aimee Echo. Maybe it's that Marilyn Manson tag that irritates and puts me off, which is partly my fault for allowing it to sway me, but partly the music's fault for immediately making me think that way. Ok, I dunno what I really think of this album. It could go either way. Taken at face value, it's a 'kin good album, wish it just sounded more original to me. Having said all that, it's still getting more plays than a lot of other stuff at the moment.