Recommended Stuff

Recommended stuff, that may or may not get reviewed in the future:

Suicide Machines - pisses all over the last Rancid album. Well it does.

Cop Shoot Cop - Ask Questions Later - ain't new, in fact bloody old, but it's where Strapping Young Lad nicked the song Room 429, and it's a great album.

Will Haven - the self titled mini album that was released before El Diablo.

King Prawn - First Offence - tricky to get hold of, but a good intro to a band who are amazing live. And you will go see them on the next tour, won't you????

Portishead - Sorry if it's not rock enough for you, but it's great depressive music.

Check out One Minute Silence the next time they are around your area. Great band, especially live. Oh yeah, and the new pitchshifter album. If the gig the other night at rock city was anything to go by, then it's gonna be a goodie.