Sevendust are apparently begining to get noticed in the States, and in a way, it's easy to understand why. The album combines some of the best bits of old school thrash and the more Machine Head / Pantera like take on the theme. But they key point to it all lies in the talents of the vocalist, Lajon. When he goes for the aggression, there's still a hint of control, which say Anselmo doesn't always bother with on the later Pantera albums, and when he decides to sing the likes of Corey Glover are brought to mind.

The first two tracks, Black and Bitch, are probably the best on offer, though Speak is also great, offering as it does, the prototype thrash riff, that just about every thrash band that ever existed used. And you know what, it still sounds great. Final track, Born to Die is the other standout track. Which isn't to say that the rest of the album is no up to much, it is, it's a good album, but those tracks stand abve everything else for me.

So, if you like some of the bands mentioned, pick this one up, cos I reckon you'll enjoy it.

There, crap review, but, whatever.