System of a Down album update

Ok, so I just had to get yet another System mention in, so here's an update on the album. Well, tentative release date is mid-June in the States, and that should be worldwide as well. The buzz on it and the band is already big. Believe me, it's gonna be huge when the album is released. All the 3 track sampler (some of you may have it, if not WHY NOT?, contact me and I'll do my best to sort you out with one) should be on it, along with other songs (surprise, wouldn't have been an album otherwise) bringing the total up to 12 or 13.

Anyway, here's a little update of some quotes from Serj at various stages duuring the recording of the album.

We're still working on the album; currently doing vocals, in Rick's home studio, in a tent, a dungeon, upside down, outside, you name it I'm doing it for a change in feel; it's coming out awesome.

When asked on song titles, the answer was We haven't decided yet.

According to Serj, the album will be a self titled affair, and The album will definitely stir powerful emotions, while painting beauty. the album is going to be a giant step further than what you hear on the demo.

Asked if there was any more he wanted to add, Yeah, the lead singer of Berlin, Terry, heard our cover of their song from the 80's Metro (Riding on the Metro) and loved it.. Don't look at me, I'm just telling you what I was told!

And there is tentative word at the moment, that they may be over sometime in April!! Altogether now, "we will fight the heathens".

Hopefully, there'll be further details, and maybe another interview in the next issue, or if not that one, then the one after. And then the album. Until then, have to content yourselves with some pics of what LA gets treated to, and we don't. YET.

System of a Down live pics by Terese Ramirez.