The end bits ... for now

Well, once more we have reached the end. Hope it's been fun for you, and if not, well what better excuse do you need to create something yourself. After all, if I can put this together, then you can do better, so do it. But, we do need to finish things off properly, so here we go...

Review Policy

Still trying to work one out. Well, basically this zine will cover most things I hope. Rock, metal, punk, hardcore, twistedschizoidfunkaraggamuffin, and all it's cousins. it doesn't really matter. Labels just tend to be a convenience. Currently though, it's governed by what I buy, can afford to buy, or get sent. I hope that with time, I'll be able to cover smaller bands, have more demos and features like that, after all, that is the future right. Also, if I really like something, then I'll feature it as often as possible.

A bit that I can't really think of a heading for

Ok, so you may have noticed that the actual album and demo reviews this time round, were, uh, crap. Yeah, I know. Sometimes it's hard to write on how the music sounds. And there's probably only so many ways you can put something. Bottom line is that you should try where possible to check things out for yourself. Don't necessarily rely on others to try and convince you on something one way or the other. Or maybe next time, I'd better just try and write some decent reviews. Ok, I'll go with that one.


If you have any comments, want to contribute or whatever, get in touch. You can either do it by dropping me an e-mail at, or write to me. Dave, 2 Evelyn Street, Beeston, Nott, NG9 2EU.

You can also contact me if you want future issues or copies of the other issues.


Despite the last issues spectacular failure to be accurate in it's predictions for this issue, I'm gonna have a crack again, so it's time for predictions. Um, that Voivod interview. It may appear in the next issue, but that basically depends on whether it gets done or not. So that means it won't be in the next one then! Maybe a Therapy? int. Maybe not. Maybe some more demos and stuff on unsigned bands. Maybe not. Um, what else, I'd like to say there will be Pitchshifter, Bullyrag and Pulkas interviews, oh, and Cynical Smile and King Prawn. But it's unlikely. I will find some way though to mention Gorilla, System of a Down and Human Waste Project. Well, it wouldn't be the same without them, would it?


To Scott for getting me the HWP interview. to Nicky for the Feeder int - nice one. To Andy for asking for the Incubus int. To Terese for the System pics, and Serj and Beno for the inforamation. To the people who tried, thanks. To the people who commented on the last ish, thanks. To the national lottery numbers that didn't come up even though I didn't do them anyway, thanks, or not as the case may be.