The Rest of the News

New record label

For those of a noisy, extreme, just downright weird persuasion, Phil, the drummer from 3D House of Beef has set up a new label, dealing in weird music. The label is called Soultheft. They have a Web page you can look at or items can be ordered from

soultheft records, P.O. Box 0626, Bellevue, WA 98009-0626, U.S.A.

Girls Against Boys

Just a thought, but isn't it about time that there was a new Girls Against Boys album out. Oh yes, I think so, and apparently it should be due sometime around April. but if you're missing a fix of them, then have a listen to the New Wet Kojak albums, the self titled one, or last years Nasty International. Nice.

Official HWP zine available

There's like an official HWP zine available, or at least in creation. And don't worry, I have no input, so it's probably good. Anyway, if you want a copy, and you know that you do, then you should like, write to the people doing it at the address which is on the lines below. (Or look at the poster that's somewhere else in here)

The Waste Land PO Box 141 Bradford BD2 1XJ

Or you can e-mail the people (ir)responsible :)