Venting the Spleen

I've wanted to do this one for a while ...

The Bonus Track

Oh yes. The bonus track. Hidden at the end of the CD. 20 mins after the end. Excuse me, but WHY!!!!!! What is the reason? Is it a bonus? Why discriminate between people buying different media in that way. Surely we're all entitiled to the same.

Maybe I need a sense of humour transplant, as it's a jovial spoof. Yeah, really? Hilarious to think someone will listen to 20 mins of silence in the hope of finding something. Not cottoned on to the idea that if the CD stops spinning after the last song its over, and if it keeps on spinning, there's something left, so you fast forward through.

Or maybe it's the latest record label executives genitalia extension. Huh? Why, to see who can have the longest. CD time of course. You know, muggins has bought the CD, slips it into the player, sees a time of 75.36 come up. Oooooh it's a long one. 45 minutes later, you reach the end of the listed songs. But you still have half an hour left. Duh, wonder what that may mean.

Come on people please. It's a waste of time. Totally. Either include the song on the listing, or don't bother at all. It ain't big, it ain't clever, and it isn't even ORIGINAL anymore. If you think you should fill the space on the CD, don't. Just drop the price instead. We'll all love you just as much for that, as for 5 minutes of arsing around.