I admit it. For some reason, I wanted to hate this album before I even listened to it. But after doing so, I don't hate it. But I don't love it either. In fact, to say I like it is maybe stretching things. It exists. It's an ok album but .... Maybe it was talk of the vocals sounding like Gavin Rossdale that did it (I'm not a Bush fan). Whatever, it was me pre-judging. And listening to others advice. Sounds closer to Eddie Vedder to me. But maybe I've just got bad hearing.

Anyway, I don't know quite why the CD has received such rave reviews. There are some GOOD songs, but the most seem to just exist for me. Production is fine by Ross Robinson, and sounds a bit different to his normal mode, which is good. Sounds a bit warmer to me. Ugh, pretentjous music sounding crap. Sorry about that.

Best songs on the album are probably Go Away, Goodbye Cruel World and the closer Makes Her Sick. A few more of that quality and maybe there would be something to shout about. As it is, it seems another case of a band getting rave reviews simply because they're American. I mean, how many Gorilla interviews have you read in the mainstream press recently. Or Pulkas. Or major One Minute Silence or King Prawn interviews. Instead we get Cold, or 100 guitarists to fill our pages for the 100 albums which we think 'rock'. Can you tell I can't think of many positive things to say about this at the moment. Maybe it'll grow on me!

So can I finish by saying that this album “left me feeling cold”. Oh go on please, you know you want me to.