'Ow do. Welcome to issue number the four. Bit of a milestone really. Well, not really, but it could have been. Anyway, few more interviews for you to read, crap reviews on stuff and the usual gumpf. You know the mantra by now, so pull up the chair, settle down and relax.

Anyway, there will be major attempts to mention a certain 3 bands. You know them by now.

Some of the albums may be a little old, well a few months anyway, but I've only got a certain amount of time and space each time to fill, so you'll have to bear with me on that one, or sod off.

Begining to run out of demos to review, so come on someone, help me out. Pass them on, or at least point me in the right direction for some more. Otherwise it's going to get boring.

Also, I don't want to slag anything off particularly, though having a rant is different. But as pretty much everything featured in here I've had to pay for, be it albums, gigs etc, then if I think it's really dire, then I feel justified in saying so.

I'm afraid I've been concentrating on the paper version, so at the moment this is just like the HTML version of that. No fancy stuff. I'll pop some of the images that are in the paper version on soon, some of the fliers etc, but until then, it's just plain old stuff. But there again, part of the point of all this was to READ something. Well, enjoy anyway.

Issue 5 is already well under way. It will have interviews with Therapy?, Gorilla, dBh, Seratone and quite a few more. So remember to call back soon

Any comments, then mail me and let me know.

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Ozzfest - A rant

Human Waste Project - What happened






Albums / Singles

Today Is The Day
Therapy? - Church of Noise
Jellys EP
Tribes of Neurot


Absolute Bloom



Deftones / Will Haven
Clawfinger / Cold / Bullyrag
ProPain and a cast of thousands!
Tribute to Nothing, dBh, Lockdown

Miscellaneous debris

Missed it first time
Venting The Spleen
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