Sam Fay's, Nottingham

March 24 1998.

Ok, it is no secret that I like this band. And as long as I'm producing this zine, and they are still going, they are going to have regular features. Indeed, going along to the gig I'd hoped, to be able to do another 10 minute interview with the band. However, they were so accomodating, it turned into a lot longer than that, and so will appear in the next ish. Instead, you have to content yourself with the gig review.

Despite playing to a slightly less than full place, they seemed to give it their all. A quick set, I forget the set list now, but there was no Acid Test!!!!! But there were some new songs, at least to me, and you know what? They sounded fucking great. One in particular really stood out. But as I don't know it's name, I can't tell you what it is. Shame! Still, it's even more a reason for you to get along and see them for yourself the next time that they play.

I really don't know what to say! It's so demoralising as a fan to see a band play to so few, especially as you feel like you should be the one out there trying to dance and encourage others to do so, but as a natural born non-dancer (it'll be a film, believe me), it's difficult. We live in a time where there are a lot of bands that are great, but really do soundalike. If not clones, then they are easy to categorise. And that makes it so much easier for people to make their uninformed decisions. If they sound like X then I like them. If they sound like Y, don't even bother handing me the bargepole. Trouble is, Gorilla sound like Gorilla and no-one else. So people don't take the chance. But, well, anyone whose seen the first few issues of this zine will know I like HWP and System of a Down. The reason? Well songs, but also that they are different and have their own identities. Same applies with Gorilla. Indeed, it's the reason this zine initially got started in the first place.

You have to see them live. They're going to be supporting Skin on their farewell tour. Not the ideal partnership in my opinion, but if you go along, check them out. What can I say? John sounds like no other vocalist I can think of. And that is the biggest compliment I can pay. Andy is the meanest bar playing guiatarist you'll find. If you don't know what that means, then it means you've not seen them live. Do so. And Neal and David form one of the tightest rhythm sections around. I still don't believe that Neal hits the drums that hard and gets such an output from such a minimalist kit.

I give up. In an age where individuality is supposed to rule, one band that is doing that are still flogging away. Brit "rock" in whatever guise, is making a name for itself. One band that should be at the forefront of that is Gorilla. But it's up to you and me to make that happen. Let's fucking do it. Apparently, they hope to release a mini-album soon. Amongst others, it should include much of which is being currently played in the live set. Hopefully that means Outside, 98 Grand, Glassed, Heat, Let You Down, Superstar and Who Wants To Save The World Anyway. If it does, then buy it and find out what you're missing. One day they'll crack it. Make sure you're there when they do.

Well, this was supposed to have been a review, but it turned into a rant. Well, sometimes that happens.