H2O - Harder Than Water

Ah, don't you just love those people that paid attention to science class. Well, I had to get a bad observation in somewhere. Only thing that is really bad here. Formed by Toby Morse who, I believe, used to roadie for top shoutie blokes, and one of the best live acts on the planet, Sick of It All, this is the second album by H2O.

If the thought of SOIA immediately strikes fear into you, then don't let it worry you, this has more in common with say CIV and Quicksand than the more abrasive sound of SOIA. Also, the songs are probably more instantly recognisable as that.

When an album contains 16 songs, and lasts for only 30 minutes, you just know that nothing is going to outstay it's welcome, and indeed, nothing does.

From the opening burst of Universal Language, you're next thrown to the very CIV like Everready. Other highlights on the album for me are Go (another bloody song that sounds familiar), This Time, Friend, A+. Ah, the whole damn thing is good.

Friendship and looking out for one another is a common theme in the hardcore fraternity, and lyrically this album is no different with the quote “my friends look out for me like family” adorning the collage of tattoo pictures on the CD sleeve.

The band are doing a short tour of the UK in May, and you just know that those are going to be incredible live experiences.