Human Waste Project - so what happened?

Well, just as this issue was about to be finished, word came through (31.3.98) that Human Waste Project were finally to be released from their deal with Hollywood Records. So, what happened, and what went wrong. Well, here's my take on some of the stuff. These are my words on what happened, not direct quotes from the label. I'll try and get some official words from the band for the next issue.

Ok, so what would appear to have gone wrong, is that Hollywood Records are a bunch of imbecilies who couldn't break an egg. My opinion. Like for instance, the album was actually ready, and initially due for release in the States, in March 1997. But, the wise men at the label decide, noooo, we don't actually want to release an album at the moment, after all, what's the point in that. People may find it and buy it. So they decide to wait until July.

July approaches and arrives, as it does most years, and shortly before it's due to be released, those wise men decide noooo we don't want to release it. What if it proves to be popular. So they wait until September. September arrives (they'd planned on it actually going missing, and so were caught by surprise). The album emerges in the States. Things are looking up. Oh yes. Word filters through that Tura Satana have offered them the chance to tour the UK. My, you know what that means, the album could get a UK release. But nooooo, they decide not to. So the band have to content themselves with merely playing a successful UK tour, without any record (which is like, READY), and where, in the eyes of many, they proceed to blow the headliners away.

Meanwhile, back in the States, the band have been offered the chance to do a tour with Snot and Sevendust. Coal Chamber also offer them the chance to return to the UK. They compromise. Do some of the Snot dates, then come to the UK. Powerstrip is released as a single, and, for a still unknown band, does well. The tour sees the bands popularity rise. Which has got to be good right? They can return to the States, show evidence to Hollywood Records, and try to repeat that success over there. After all, there is the possibility of touring with ooh, Deftones, Coal Chamber, Life of Agony, Far, Snot. But noooo, that would be like, raising the profile. And you know what emerges as a result of that. Yep, people might buy the album. So, Hollywood Records decides to kinda freeze the tour support.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, (still with me on this, good,) the problems in the States affect the UK release date. It goes back from February 1998, to March. 1 whole year after it could've been released. The band are on hold from touring due to a lack of financial support from the label. The fact that the tours are waiting seems to go over the heads of the powers that be. The band are added to the Ozzfest. The chance to play to over 60,000 people. Maybe that'll be the clincher. But in the meantime, word has filtered through that those wise men at Hollywood Records have managed to amass a 100 million dollars debt. 100 Million. That takes some fucking up. Not surprisingly, there are changes at the label. Everyone gets affected. The new bosses give them the money to resume touring, while decisions are made. Finally, at the end of March, the word emerges that the band will be released. Other labels, who until now have been legally obligated to make no approach towards the band, can finally make their offers.

So, all in all it's been a pretty tough time. Hopefully now, the band will be able to get a label that is actually behind them, and can help take some of the worry off their shoulders, and give them the chance to concentrate on doing what they do best. It's been, and still is, a fraught time for the band, but hopefully they know that people are behind them and they'll recover from this mess. Welcome, to the music business. Now could someone just explain the logic to me?