Fans of the Korn style of music may be interested in checking out a new band by the name of Juice. Featuring former members of SexArt, the band Jon was in before Korn, The bits I've heard, (and it is only bits), of the first demo sees the band adopting a very Kornesque approach to the music and vocals. Maybe too Kornesque for me, but nonetheless, if that style is totally what you are looking for, then check them out. Hopefully, I'l be able to try and review it properly next time round. A new demo CD is due in April, which apparently sees them forging more of their own style.

To contact the band and get hold of the demo you can either write to them at the following address,or use the wonders of modern technology and connect to their web page. Ah, technology, ain't it a marvel. It is. What would I do all day without it. Work? I won't have language like that in this 'zine. The demo costs $5, and includes some “extra goodies”.

Thanks to Stella for initially telling me about this mob.

PO Box 25834
Seattle, WA 98125-1334