Livid - For The Hearing Impaired Demo review

Livid are another of the crop of bands coming out of California, and they currently have a demo available with the title of 'For the Hearing Impaired', and consists of 3 tracks of music which seems to fit in with the current Machine Head, Rage Against The Machine, Korn style. So that means, according to the Kerrang! school of labelling, that it's New Metal.

Anyway, Livid are:

The first track, Failure, starts of with a slow, Machine Head style grind and groove, before giving way to a Rage style vocal, seemingly dealing with the failure of the dream of parents to mould their child into the package they desire, via religious baiting. At least that's my take on it.

The second track, Breathe, shows that the band have the capacity to open up more of their own identity. Sizzo sings on this one , as opposed to the rapping sort of style that often seems to dominate bands at the moment. And it sounds good for it, a smoother Machine Head sort of thing.

The final track, Shallow is possibly the most Korn sounding one on offer, and caps off a demo that is pretty good. Fans of the bands mentioned will probably like it. It's got enough going for it that I look forward to hearing more stuff from the band.

For more info on the band, and to get hold of a demo, you could either write:

Mark Thompson @ MA Entertainment, 5036 Coldwater Canyon, Suite 201, Sherman Oaks CA 91423, or, you can go to the web site and order it via that:

Hopefully there may be a mini interview either in the next issue, or in one in the near future. The band should also be recording again in May/early June.

Thanks to Jen for pointing out that it's Vaypa, not Vapya as it says on the demo.