Missed it first time around.

Loud - D Generation

Well, no I didn't actually miss this album, but it is one that I was kinda forced to sell many years ago to avert the cash crisis that sort of arose following a mutual agreement between my then boss and me that neither of us liked each other, and that he would be happier if I stopped being insubordinate, having an attitude problem, and basically working there. Which was kind of handy as I hated the place and had been looking for an excuse to get out. Driving away from work that day having resigned, I had the biggest grin in all the time I worked. But with that comes the subsequent cash shortage meaning a selling of CDs and albums. This was one that went. But recently I picked it up second hand. Couldn't really remember if it was any good, but it makes a good excuse. which is all I need to buy a CD. Well, that and money!

And now? I'm still not sure if it's actually any good. Some of the music feels like it's dated quite a bit, but that in itself shouldn't be any sort of excuse. If the music is good, it doesn't really matter when it was released. But I guess the flaws that were around when I first had the CD are merely magnified now.

Back then the vocals were always far too clean, and that is still the case. Some of the music is a little bland in places, and a bit pedestrian in it's riffing.

Some songs, like “Song for the lonely” sound a bit too pompous these days. But there were the odd great moments, and they are still there, such as the title track, and the wonderful “Black Hysteria”.

They were heralded as one of the bands to put Britain back on the map back in 1990. Loud recorded another album after this, which I never bought, and promptly split up, with all members, as far as I'm aware, disppearing from view. Such is the way of the world I guess.