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Yeah, shit, whee, fuck, argh, bounce, ouch, cough. Calm down Dave. Ok, sorry, normal service now. Wheee, splat. Fuck.

Ok, I know I shouldn't do this, what with the interview as well, but tough. This is such a good album. I reckoned before that we maybe judge things too quickly sometimes, in proclaiming classic status on a release. Which is what I thought was happening with the Deftones. But I'm going to do exactly that myself. Contradicting hypocritical bastard. Yep. Classic. Classic. Fucking classic. And this from someone who has liked Pitchshifter before, and that was it. Good albums, great live band. Now it's a great album as well as great live.

This is the first album that I've heard that to my mind properly mixes the dance elements, be it techno or drum'n'bass with rock, be it metal or punk. Sure, my listening experience maybe somewhat limited, Prodigy, Fear Factory, Junkie XL etc, but the reason this works. Simple. Songs. Goddamn it. That's what the music is all about at the end of the day, irrespective of genres and prejudice. It's songs. And when they are great songs, then it overcomes the other problems.

Look what Nevermind did for Nirvana. It made some aspects of rock credible for others. They say it killed metal. In my opinion, it made certain aspects acceptable to people, because it contained songs that just grabbed you. It overcame the muscial prejudice which, in my opinion, is contained within us all. Whether it's elitism or simple reluctance. Yeah, this album is that good and that important.

Ok, the songs. Miscrowaved. Classic opener. Drum'n'bass influence is evident from the start, and by the time you've reacehed that chorus for the second time, you're singing it. 2nd Hand keeps it going. Genius isn't Firestarter part 2, despire what some may claim. My initial reservation about the repetitive nature of the lyrics remains. But I've thought about it a bit, and at the end of the day, within music sloganeering is possibly one of the best means of communication of a message. Few manage it through the wonder of their lyrics. Biafra does, most don't. So maybe it's the way it should be.

Civilised, Subject to Status. If you saw the live gigs, you'll recognise them instantly. WYSIWYG - classic, absolute classic, with a chorusy type bit that, for it's sins, still reminds me of Therapy? crossed with Death Angel's Disturbing the Peace. Please Sir sounds as awesome on CD as it did live. That simple, yet wonderfully chunky riff. What's in it for me, I don't like it. Ack, so fucking good. The only one that doesn't do it for me, is ZX81. They should've done ZX Spectrum! But maybe it's the most techno style track on the album, and that's why I don't get it.

Lyrically there are messages aplenty, and some clever lyrics 'there's no common wealth in the commonwealth, cos it's the colour of your money matters' - Microwaved or 'please sir tell me why there's no black superman, kkk kryptonite? “"God only makes caucasian superheroes”" - Please Sir.

So, worries complaints? Well, because it's so instantly good worries me. Because some of the best albums always take a while to sink in. But that's being analytical, which isn't whaat music is about (always). It doesn't matter when something is this good and just makes you want to jump about, play it constantly and wait in anticipation for those next set of live gigs.

A contender for album of the year already, no worries. Overcome your fear and prejudices, and make this album the success it deserves to be. Who knows, maybe that will put some small buckle in the giant wheel of the machine. Doubtful, but it certainly won't appear otherwise.

Wheee, yeah, splat, bounce, weeeeeee.