Therapy? - Church of Noise

Another little bit of space to fill, so another quickie. The return of Therapy? Apparently they, and most other people, seem to think that Infernal Love was a bit of a let down. Mmmm, not so sure myself. Just different. I'd love a pure return to the Babyteeth era Therapy?, but it ain't gonna happen, and you have to content yourself with that. If you like the newer stuff fine, if you crave for the old, well, you just have to accept that. Same with all bands.

Anyway, this single sounds like Therapy? having fun. The chorus, if you've heard it by now you'll know, but you just wonder how fucking irritating it's going to be in say a years time. Still, one section reminds me of Die Laughing from Troublegum, which happens to be one of my personal fave Therapy? songs. So that's good then And Suing God is a 'kin great song. but they let it all down with the fucking remix of Church. I know I'm raving about the 'shifter in this ish, but this remix is just another example of where bands get it so wrong in doing remixes. A pointless waste of time. Still, I'll forgive them seeing as the covered Judas Priests' Breaking The Law all those years ago!