Today is the Day.

Hmmm, a mindfuck of an album. I think I've read or heard phrases like that before, and this album is probably the example I would quote if trying to explain that to someone. This is twisted. It's a challenge. There are times I really dislike it, or at least parts of it, and then, minutes later you come across a part that's wonderful. Hmmm, a mindfuck.

Starting off with an acoustic version of ???, (the album almost finishes up with the electric version) your immediate musical impression is that this may be reasonably mellow musically, if a bit fucked up lyrically. So of course, along comes ??? to shatter your illusions. Twisted, and the vocals take on the turn which is in part the element that turns me away from this. I tend to have a problem with vocals which, to me, take on a death metal slant. It comes across as a cliche, and a bit childish. Like there are better, more effective ways of expressing. But then sometimes I can deal with them.

And that's how this album careers for the duration. Twisted, distorted and demented one moment, tripped out and psychedelic the next. The sound of danger that most people think actually eminates from Mr Manson's arse.

Then, just when you think it's all over, they roll out the classic Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. And you know what, it's a fucking belter of a version. Complete with added 'we love you alllll', it's a faithful reproduction of the original and is a magnificent way to end an album. But yep, it's a definite mindfuck, which will leave you in a quandry at the end.