Tribes of Neurot and Walking Time Bombs - Static Migration

Remember the tale of the Emperor's new clothes? Trying to convince others of the sheer quality of what wasn't really there. well, in it's own way, this album is maybe an aural equivalent of that. At least to me.

So when does an album cross the line between music, 'art' and indulgent crap. When it's by someone you don't like of course. However, when people who's music you generally like and respect do it, then you're faced with the dilemma of possibly trying to convince yourself that it's 'a new listening experience', or something like that. And that's what Tribes of Neurot present to me with their albums. So does Mike Patton and later day Mr. Bungle. Those who get it can't understand the ignorance of those that don't. Those that don't just say it ain't music anyway.

I think Neurosis are great, though they do tread that line themselves, but the sideshoot project band, Tribes of Neurot, probably spend a little more time on the other side of the line than I can cope with. The honest asssessment is, if this was by pretty much any other band, I'd probably dismiss it. But now, because it involves members of Neurosis, I try to listen and hear more in it. Maybe that's good in that it attempts to broaden my listening experience, maybe it's bad in that it's too close to 'blindness' on my behalf. But we've probably all got something that does similar.

So, what is this like. Um, it's not music in terms of standard song structures that people recognise. But that's not to say it's noise, because it isn't. It's using different ideas and means of presentation than I'm used to. In fact, the closest thing to what resembles a song structure in my book, March To The Sun is probably the most indulgent of the lot, running in at 16 1/2 minutes long. There are some breaks within it, but the reality is, that the bassline when it's present, as distorted and fucked up as it may be, is the same thing repeated ad nauseum.

So, at the end of the day, art or crap. Mmmm. Both? But I reckon I can safely say it's not an album for the seeker of 2 1/2 minutes punk workouts. Or whatever the equivalent may be in your chosen field of listening.