The bands, OMS for being such quiet and unassuming people. And helpful. Andy for once more doing the honours in asking for the int. Vickie for carrying my t-shirt all round Ozzfest and feeding me food (in and from a rucksack!) The people who bolster my ego by asking for a copy of the zine. Um. The new house for being so lounge lizard. I’d like to thank Elvis for ensuring that I wasn’t his love child, though the money would’ve been nice. Kerrang! for taking such a diplomatic response to the few minor criticisms I levelled at them (yeah right). Am I running out of thanks yet? Yep, well, until the next time then.

‘Arry d’verci - an Italian.

The Review policy (which really doesn’t change from issue to issue).

(Read if you have a demo or before you complain about the lack of stuff in here).

Well, basically the zine covers most things I hope. Rock, metal, punk, hardcore,twistedschizoidfunkaraggamuffin and all it's mutant cousins. it doesn't really matter. Labels just tend to be a convenience. But, pretty much everything reviewed in here I have to buy. I don’t get (many) freebies or advances from labels or anything. So, it tends to be something I buy in the hope I’ll like. But if I don’t, then I can feel justified in criticising.

Some people have passed stuff on to me, and to those people I try to say thanks in the appropriate place.

If you want your demo reviewed, then you’ll have to send it to me. I haven’t always got the time and money to go searching for everything, even if I’d like to. Buying CDs, tickets for gigs, paying the printing costs me enough. I may not be a “proper zine” without all the obscure demo reviews, but I’m not fucking loaded either. For bands with demos or wanting coverage and help, it’s a two way relationship with a zine. You have to help them as well as they help you.

I try to find something positive with most things. After all, if I had any talent I’d be trying to do something myself. But sometimes something is just crap. If all I’m going to do is totally slag it, then I probably won’t include it. Kerrang! excepted of course. And sometimes I’m just jaded and can only think of a few boring cliched lines to write. That’s life. Other times I suddenly feel inspired to write wads of stuff. C’est la vie. Wow, multi-lingual YAZ this time!


Well, I still like it, so I claim that it’s not someone who walks into a record shop and asks for a disc!

All spelling mistakes are intentional and on purpose, designed to test your skill of observation and not down to stupidity on my behalf. Well, not all the time. Factual mistakes are usually mine, but could be blamed on the computer, or the government, or just the little green men.

The views are my own, except those expressed by other people. If you disagree with them, fine. But remember, it’s only an opinion, everyone’s entitled to it, and it’s a semi-free country. But does it really matter?

And if some major magazines can’t take some stick and constructive criticism by non-entities such as myself, well, it’s a bit of a sad world that we live in isn’t it. Whatever happened to free speech and free spirit and free enterprise.


I could really do with some more demos to listen to and review. I want to feature as many demo bands in here as possible. After all, it’s the future of music. And they may talk to me and grant me interviews!

So, if you have any, or know of any bands that might be interested in having a demo reviewed, then let me know. Cheers.