New YAZ. New Danger. Welcome to August / September Ď98

If this bit doesn't make sense, well it's because it's meant to be in the printed one, not a web-zine. It's a little record from the month of July as this YAZ was being put together.

Getting harder and harder to think of what to put in this column. Maybe thatís a sign that it should be retired. So just a round up of whatís in this YAZ. CRAP. Plus I havenít written all the issue yet, so I donít really know.

But I do know thereís an Ozzfest review that contains way too many words for itís own good. Thereís some more interviews with British bands. Liberty 37 (even better, theyíre Welsh), and the One Minute Silence one will be in here. That is going to be such a bastard to type up.

Iíll get round to the American interviews again soon. No really, cos itís all gone a little bit quiet over the last few months. Each one of these little beauties is lovingly handcrafted by yours truly a few months in advance of when you get your delightfully grubby paws on it, so I can safely tell you that things have started to dry up a bit. Which could mean a YAZ shortage in a few months time. But weíll work out some cost saving measures and try to ensure that youíre YAZ isnít cut off.

Well, Iím sure Iíll think of something to say here in a bit, so Iíll leave it for now and return later. Anyway, Iím off to finish typing up the Pulkas interview now. No Iím not. Iím going to see Madball and Stampiní Ground in Birmingham.

Back again. Shame about the Argentina game right? Hehe. Look Iím Welsh. Iíve got to be allowed to say these things. When weíve conceded ninetybloodysix points to South Africa in the rugby, I need some kind of emotional outlet. Anyway, Iíve still not thought what to write in this bit. So Iíll give it a few more days.

Hey, by the next issue, YAZ will probably be over a year old. Crikey. Does that mean it has to learn to walk, stop dribbling and start to learn to grow up. damn.

Shit, just read that HWP have split. The football just became irrelevent.

Absolute Bloom! Absolute Split. Same Ďkin day as HWP. There goes that interview then.

You may have noticed something with the last 2 issues. Theyíre properly printed now. It was just taking too long to print them myself, which detracted from creating the next issue, and meant I still couldnít print as many as I wanted. So itís gone to printers. Itís not ďproperĒ print, hence some lower quality pics. But, all this has a potential knock on effect that Iím now having to pay serious money to get it printed rather than serious time. Which may mean I have to charge for future editions, though if I can avoid that I will, and if not, well, Iíll try to keep it as minimal as possible. Maybe 50p. But, youíve been warned. And if you want high quality pics Iíll definitely have to charge unless someone wants to lend me a couple of hundred quid per issue for printing costs. Nah, thought not.

No come back. Please. Bastards. Run then, run with the wind. I didnít need you anyway. (That was sarcasm, but well, if youíve run and not read this then, ah fuck it).

Not enough demos. I need more demos. If this zine is to achieve part of itís mission in supporting new bands, I need to know about them. Help me out. Iíve only got a certain amount of time I can spend doing it all myself.

Ok, at the moment Iím still typing the One Minute Silence interview. It is massive. But, even if you donít like the band, or havenít listened to their music, take a read. But read with an open mind. Think about some of the things that are said within it, and donít just have a knee jerk reaction. There are some interesting and controversial views contained within it. Which is why it is so long. Maybe you agree. Maybe not. Just think.

Christ, Tura Satana are gone now. That water mustíve been bad this month. So itíll be a posthumous Tura interview then next issue. Oh yeah, I decided it would be in the next one. Along with Bullyrag, Milque and Stampiní Ground.

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