Apollyon Sun - God Leaves (And Dies)

The return of Tom G Whatevernamehesusingtoday. And all a lot of focus has been placed on his pioneering work in Celtic Frost. But forget that, this is today. And if you’re in the market for more crossover between the rock and the dance, but done well and not in some cackhanded manner, then you should own this. Along with the ‘Shifter, it shows the way forawrd, marrying both genres in a way that seems natural. It’s all to do with composition skills, not whether you can sample or not. That means sod all if you can’t get something that hangs together and sounds good. And here there are 5 tracks, and each of them achieves that aim. It’s hypnotic.

And yep, had to go and put on some Celtic Frost afterwards. Relive those memories.