Mighty Mighty Bosstones / Consumed

Nottingham Rock City

June 24 1998

Well, Consumed were first up. They supported NOFX here a couple of weeks ago, and on that occasion I thought they were a typical FatWreckChords style band. This time round it seemed, or sounded heavier. More of a definite metal influence on the punk songs. It all sounded pretty good actually to me, so much so that if I'd had enough money I'd have bought the CD. But I can't help but think that maybe they just fall between the two extremes to much. Too metal for punks, too punk for Metal. Great version of New England though, and of course, the highlight, as before, was A Twat Called Morris.

The Bosstones. Well, this was never going to be able to live up to the first Bosstones gig I saw a few months ago. That, for me, was legendary. Rock City isn't packed tonight, but it still finds the band in Mighty Mighty fine form.

Opening with 1-2-8 from the Let's Fact It album (yep, I've now bought it. So that makes me a trend following bastard. Weyhey), much of the set focuses on the album.

It's more of a pogoing response from the crowd tonight, not the mass stage invasions of that Manchester gig, but the occasional few get through, and, as before, Barrett takes control. “You guys look intelligent, which is nice, and I'm glad to have you here tonight” he informs the security. “So what I want you to do, is when they come over, save them, don't let them hit their heads on the floor ok”. The Rascal King is the new single, and will undoubtedly fail to live up to Impression, but it's still a good song. It doesn't really matter if the new stuff isn't as punk as the old. Live is where they're at, and here, they have few equals.

“So who has been watching the world cup. I don't need it. It's five or six minutes of excitement and a few hours of boredom. Hell, I'm an American. In our football you hardly ever use your feet..” The tunes keep coming, and so does the banter. “Somone asked me earlier today what the difference was between the Bosstones in the States, and the Bosstones in the UK. And there is none. This is just how it is back home. Well, apart from there they call me an asshole, here they call me a wanker.” “Uh, Dicky, they call you a wanker back home as well comes” the bassists whose name I've now forgotten response. Da Boom.

“So what do you want to hear?” Someone yells for a Let's Face It tune. “Ok, for the first time in 6 years we'll do it. Shhhh, don't tell them. Let's keep the idea that their getting something special here OK”. A man not afraid to take the piss out of some of those favourite of band cliches It's hot as ever in here, and throughout the gig, the jacket goes, followed by the tie and unbuttoning of some buttons. Well, not on wassisface the dancer. Ben, Ben Carr, that's it. Who remains as buttoned up as ver. How does the man do it. And how does he dance. I need lessons.

They return for a couple of encores including Tin Soldier, and the finale of Lights Out. As this is the last club gig in England on the tour, Barrett, apparently sincerely, thanks everyone for the great time they've had this year. And they've given some great gigs. It's not heavy as hell or any of that shit.

But what it is, is some great, great live performances.