Consumed - Breakfast at Pappas

Just shows you how wrong I can be sometimes. First time I heard and saw this lot was supporting NOFX. I’d heard they were on FatWreckChords, so when I saw them I ended up instantly labelling them NOFXabies. Next time I saw them was with Rancid, and I realised how wrong I was and how good they actually were. Third time was in Derby, the review is elsewhere in here, and it all made sense. So now here’s the mini-album to cement things. And that it does nicely. More a Snuff, Therapy? like thing. Basically, it’s very easy to listen to, good fun songs. Stuff that puts a grin on your face.

Melodic, punky but with some metallic overtones. See, I still can’t describe music properly. Whatever it is, it’s fully of excellent songs such as Heavy Metal Winner, and the very wonderful Stand Under Me. In fact, the only real problem with this, well, the two problems with this are

1) it’s only 15 minutes long, so although it’s cheap, it should’ve been a single, and

2) they’re British so they won’t get half of the attention they deserve.

So go on then, go and prove me wrong again. There’ll be an interview with them in a few issues time, but don’t wait for that, go and have a look for yourself. Nice one. And the cover booklet smells great!