Derby Victoria Inn

July 15 1998

I'm hoping tonight. Really fucking hoping. Me and Kerrang! are having a disagreement. I think they're crap. They disagree. And this weeks issue has really got me mad. 3 pages on a side project band with nothing to release, no dates etc in the UK. Pointless. And trying to make claims that they are the FIRST in the UK to allow people to hear System of a Down. They're not. Lying, space wasting, hypocritical bastards. Anyway, enough. There's more about them elsewhere if you go looking. But I am mad.

And this gig in a way didn't help. Ok, first band, don't know who they were. Bunch of 17 year old, skatepunk ska wannabies who really didn't have a lot of talent. Some of the songs were falling apart. But they were having fun, which is what it's all about. An obligatory "fun" cover, this time it's by The Police. The Supergran theme featuring a guest appearance from Adam. Anyway, it was a shambolic thing, but they had a laugh, and so did their mates that turned out to see them. Which is good, if it wasn't for what happened next.

Consumed have played gigs at Rock City supporting NOFX and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. They have a mini-album out in a week or so. They're British, and that means they've had all of a paragraph coverage from Kerrang! Who are fucking pissing me off it you hadn't guessed. So anyway, given that, you'd expect some people to be here right? Well, for the first few songs there's about 3 of us. 3. That's THREE. And where the fuck are the support band and their mates. In the other fucking room of the pub. SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPECT. Support the band. You've go the rest of your life to talk with your mates. Damn. This is so typical of attitudes in the UK to British bands. Don't give a fuck. From the press to the "kids" half of whom are KEEPING IT REAL by trying to be and sound like they're from a different country and supporting other scenes. TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

But respect to Consumed. They still get up there and bash out they're metal / hardcore hybrid, which contrary to what I thought the first time I saw them, doesn't sound like NOFX. More a Snuff kind thing. Some bloody good songs in there as well. I still don't remember the titles, though they did tell me afterwards during the interview, but A Twat Called Morris is a classic. And thecover of New England, which, as they pointed out to me, is actually a Billy Bragg song not Kirsty McColl. I stand corrected. Still sounds good though.

An excellent 40 minutes or so, which means that the mini-album WILL be worth getting. Towards the end of the set, more people have wandered in, oh, so nice of you to join us, including a couple of the support band. But well, it's not enough. I'm sorry, but the support band, no, I don't know the name, lost my respect when they didn't have the fucking decency to come in and support the band that gave them a chance tonight.

Sort it out people. Get some kind of idea and priority in things.

I'm still angry. Think I better go lie down now.