Only a few demos again. I could do with more, so let me have them.

Shallow demo - well, a lack of demos meant a trawl through some other zines to find some interesting ones to send for. So you’d better send me some more. Anyway, Undergroove seemed to recommend this, so off some money was duly sent, and lo a week later a tape did return. See, this sort of thing does work. Anyway, unfortunately the tape didn’t have any titles and whatever, which is a shame, cos this is actually pretty damn good. Sabbath inspired stuff, which I guess these days qualifies them for the stoner title. The songs themselves are all pretty long, but there’s some interesting stuff in there. And stoner isn’t my usual stuff having grown up surrounded by the original Sabbath. Vocals could be better, and a better mix, but on a demo that’s all pretty trivial. Highly recommended. They hope to have a CD out soon.

Write to them at:

Shallow c/o Danny, 29 Marina Road, Trent Vale, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, ST4 5PE.

Intention demo - Picked this demo up at the hardcore all dayer in Birmingham. The stuff that came with it described them as “no school” hardcore. I like that. Ranging from Sabbath, to Fugazi to Dead Kennedys. I don’t know that I really see too much of that, though I thought there was a hint of Sabbath in some of the riffs. But if you’re going to aim for something why not aim for some of the best bands in the genres. Even if you are trying to sidestep categorisation.

So, four tracks for your £1.50. The production is a bit muddy, and makes the band feel like someone placed mufflers over them, but you expect that from a demo. What’s more important is the songs.

They’ve also got ‘97s demo available for 1 shiny pound coin, and apparently a CD with both of them on, so you can pit it in and watch it spin.


Intention 26 Woodstock Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9BA.

Varicus demo - Well, I picked up this demo after reading about them in Aniseed. So the massive sum of £1 was sent, and pretty soon the tape winged it’s way back to me. Which was clever. You should’ve seen the postmans face.

Anyway, the Aniseed description said something like Black Sabbath meets Drum’n’Bass. And you know what, they’re not far wrong. There’s definite Sabbath like tendancies in the guitar, but there again, all the bumpf with it proudly proclaims a 70s guitar sound.

4 tracks on offer for your 1 shiny coin, and if there is a problem it would be that within the given niche here there’s not too much that strays away from the chosen path. But having said that, as there’s no-one else treading this path at the moment, it doesn’t really matter. Actually, if anything is close to it, it would be that Apollyon Sun CD, but that’s not even that close. But they’re both good and worth your time investigating.

A refreshing alternative to some of the stuff around today, this is well worth investing your time and effort in. And really, for 1 measly quid, why not.

Oh yeah, and the demo has a title, but as it’s in a font where I can’t work out what the hell it says, then I’m not going to tell you what it’s called!


44 Low Street, South Milford, LS25 5AS.