NoMeansNo - Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie

Well Brian, it was a tale of two halves. Things got off to a good story with This Story Must Be Told, the bass in particular seemed to be on good form. A quick burst through Going Nowhere, complete with fine chorus led to the wonderfully titled I’m An Asshole. This was a bit of a stormer in particular, featuring a guitar solo reminiscent of Therapy?s ???? Disappear followed with a feel that was familiar to most, poppy. My thoughts were B-52s Love Shack. Or something like that. But that maybe an own goal by me. Half time approached with the Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie, and the classic line of

There’s just one thing that motivates us, We hate your fucking guts.

But it all started to go wrong soon after and they lost momentum.They started the second half at a bit of a trot in comparison, labouring through The World Wasn’t Built In A Day. Going Nowhere seemed strangely prohpetic now, as if they were content to rest on their laurels. The problem is, once you drop things down a notch, it’s difficult to recover, and so it proves through I Can’t Stop Talking and The Rape. The try to rally to Give Me The Push, but ultimately it’s too little too late. Having taken the lead in the first half, they got pegged back, and ultimately it’s only a slightly disappointing draw at the end of One Fine Day.