Professional Murder Music

The first of the post HWP projects, it’s not really surprise that it’s emerged first, given that Jeff has had this project going for a few years now, and done some work, including remixes of Tura Satana songs, that for whatever reasons, went uncreditied. And now PMM have been joined by Brian from Tura. Their first release is this independant 5 track CD. There’s a strong chance that they’ll be signed by RoadRunner, and be working on a full length album soon, but for now it’s that old self financed thing. So let’s go take a peek shall we?

The first, and obvious thing. It sounds nothing like HWP. Forget that. That’s history. This is an altogether much darker sounding record. Also more electronic based. A brooding mixture. I’m still not convinced by remixes, but over the past year I’ve gradually become more comfortable with the dance/rock crossover, and this is another release which continues that trend.

Painkiller Introduction starts things off, a throbbing electronic instrumental, but just before you think you have them tagged, the eerily familiar Slow comes in. More of a fusion of rock and electronica, it’s also the first time you hear Roman sing. I’m not the biggest NIN fan in the world, but I would suspect that there’s going to be a comparison made there. Orange No 4 is another instrumental, and Green and Sleep Deprivation finish things off.

About five or six plays of this, and it’s started getting into the system. If you’re into the more electronic / industrial ish style, then it may take you a little less time. A welcome return.

If you’ve been wondering about rock and electronic mixing but been a little unconvinced, well, there’s now a reasonable splattering of albums and stuff to give a chance to. I’m not talking Prodigy or Junkie XL, but if you’re curious, try taking a listen to this, Apollyon Sun, Varicus and of course Pitchshifter. You may find it’s not as scary a combination as you think.

You can get this for $9, including postage, from PMM 11684 Ventura Blvd. #386 Studio City,Ca 91604 USA. Alternatively, visit the web page at There you’ll find samples of all the tracks so that you can try before you buy. The web can be handy like that.