Le Spleen

Roots, Denying Roots

Hey everyone, remember KEEP IT REAL!

What the fuck is that supposed to be about. Keep it real? Is it showing your honesty, integrity, commitment and undying devotion to something by not admitting to your past. Or who has the longest one. Wallet chain that is. Or dismissing something because it doesn’t conform to the narrowmindedness of something. Otherwise you wouldn’t be KEEPING IT REAL. Oh please, give me a break.

How real is it, when everyone these days denies utterly any influence by some band, or some lifestyle that isn’t considered credible? How real is it to be claiming to have always “been from a punk background”. Um, like, if all these people were REAL, why the hell was punk etc underground during the 80s. And why were all the bands that no-one will ever admit to liking, headlining enormodomes in the 80s. That’s not putting down on punk, it’s just a reflection on what was happening back then. Then punk wasn’t “credible”. Currently it is to some.

How REAL is all this? Half of “heavy” music today IS influenced to some degree by metal of the 80s. There’s no point denying it. Especially if you’re going to KEEP IT REAL

We all move on. We all evolve. Certainly, I listen to a hell of a lot of punk, hardcore and other stuff these days that in the 80s I didn’t. And certainly, some of the stuff I did used to listen to I find hard to stomach now. But I know the same will probably be true in a few years time, of what I’m listening to now. It’s simply evolving and changing in life. It’s part and parcel of life. It helps make it more fun.

I hope, and think that I’ve grown more open minded and more tolerant. I prefer to experience a wider range of music and idealogies these days. But I won’t deny that I listened pretty much exclusively to metal in the 80s. Iron Maiden were the greatest band on the planet. Bar none. And they still deserve the respect today. I may not listen to them much now, BUT it was my roots, bloody roots. And not denying it, KEEPS IT REAL. For me.

Unlike most it seems, I “discovered” punk and hardcore AFTER metal. So what’s wrong with that? Ah, it means I can never be REAL enough, ‘cos I’m too metal and I don’t change my appearance to suit the current trend.

How REAL is it to make out that you grew up in the ghetto, or on the streets, in gangs, with drugs and guns. When you grew up in a small town in Wales or England. And that’s the accent you have, not some American one.

How REAL is it for bands these days to talk about bitches or encourage girls to get onstage and lift their tops, or wear all this pimp shit. How REAL is that, when in the 80s it was the action of all the BIG HAIR cock rock bands, so reviled by those that do the same today. Same actions, different disguises. Nothing’s really changed has it? Nothing is REAL. Everything is fake.

How REAL is it for a band to do 6 covers in a 30 minute support slot. And then talk about people being Counterfeit?

I like a lot more styles these days, but I may not be the most ardent, hardcore, singleminded fan of them. It’s why I feel an outsider. But I think that being this way keeps it a damn sight more REAL than all the fucked up bullshit that exists these days.

Think about it, and don’t be a victim of

Roots, Denying Roots.