Cowboy Killers - Thankyou, Fuckyou and Goodnight.

Wow, new Cowboy Killers. Finally here. Actually found outside of Newport, AND on the first day of release. If things carry on like this, they’ll be set for world domination and a place on Top of the Pops within weeks. Well ok, let’s nip back to reality. But this for me, has been a much more “eagerly anticipated” release than Korn.

YAZ has been a bit metal recently hasn’t it? I think so, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but here is the pure punk portion. And a great portion it is at that.16 tracks of primetime CK, though Mid Life Crisis is a re-recording of the track that was originally on the Dai Laughing album. Sweet is the opening track that was originally given away as a single at one of the TJs gig’s I believe. And it’s a cracker.

Truth be told, there is no departure from the trademark CK sound here. Plenty of bass heavy punk, lots of “woagh” singalong bits, and some good songs. Nor was change expected. It’s the same mixture of fun and serious, as evidenced by songs like Alien Schamalien or the closing Cuckoo for the former and KKK Wives on Holiday for the latter.

The production isn’t outstanding, but it suits what the band is about, it’s polished enough but still raw. This is punk played pure, not processed. And at the end of the day, the liner notes from Beddis sums it up best ... For us to do four albums is mental, we initially never imagined even doing a demo ... We’re ordinary people with ordinary ideas, they may be shit, but it’s our shit.

Are they the best punk band around? Well best is individual isn’t it. It’s up to you. They’re not the most technical, but they always seem to me to capture the essence of what punk is about. That’s why they are one of my favourites. Besides they were one of the first punk bands I heard when Boz gave me a tape of Quasinesti to listen to all those years ago. Go on, take a look into some British punk instead of all the American soundverysimilars.

Available on Rejected Records.

Contact: Cowboy Killers, 31 Kensington Place, Newport, S. Wales NP9 8PG.

Also, check out the official TJs website, where CK’s often play.