So where are we? Ah, September ‘98. Possibly. I dunno. It’s August 1 at the moment. And time to start work on a new YAZ. It’s silly, cos I only had number 6 back from the printers a few days ago, and number 7 hasn’t even gone off to them. But time waits for no YAZ, and so it’s time to start creating again.

So what should I tell you. Not a lot has changed really. I still get pissed off at the same things. This zine is still full of the same things. Only the mistakes are different. Wales are still getting stuffed in the Rugby.

But there again, much has changed. There’s been a shitload of new releases over the last few months, and loads of new tours are lining up. So after a quiet summer, things could start getting busy around here again fairly soon.

Oh yeah, and I think I’ve probably developed a real ego problem doing this thing. Not good. And I know I can rant, and probably appear condescending and judgemental. Well I am! Nah, I dunno, I guess I love music and can get wound up very easily. But at the end of the day, I’m just as guilty, maybe more so, of all the things that I criticise and condemn. Maybe it’s really just me ranting at me. Don’t take offence to it. Take agate instead. Go on, laugh, you know you want to. Really, I just try to say what I think. Doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it wrong. Disagree. It’s only opinion, and everyone has a right to it. I just try to be honest in what I’m thinking and my views. I’m not qualified to really talk in that I’m a shite musician. Actually, that’s an insult to a musician. It bothers me a bit, cos I think I’m begining to rant too much, almost for the sake of it. Like it’s expected as part of a zine. Conformity within this genre. Something I don’t really like the idea of, and yet find myself automatically doing. Hmmm. Maybe it’s time to stop it all. I feel a hypocrite, cos for everything where I whinge about people not turning up or supporting the scene, I go to the gigs, but don’t dance or anything. Is another lifeless body at a gig justified? Cos in that case I maybe might as well just stay at home. Sorry, getting all thoughtful and introspective.

I always think that I’ll run out of things to rant off at. But somehow, somewhere there is always something guaranteed to piss me off. Which puts I little grin on the face, at least mentally, and a spleen is born. Theraputic. Or maybe I’m just a miserable bastard.

As I reach this point of writing, I can tell you that I’ve completed about 3/4 of this issue and there’s a few more columns appearing relating musical tales which are, well, just that. Tales. Little stories to maybe keep you amused. Just felt like doing it, so, a bit of advance warning for you. Unless you don’t read this bit first, in which case it may not be an advance warning. And if you don’t read it at all, well there’s no point me writing it, and I can now safely tell you to fuck off and rot in Hell. <smile>. Not that I’d do that of course. I don’t know if I should bother with them or not, or just keep YAZ totally review/interview based, without any pointless waffly columns of opinions, tales or whatever. I mean, I’ve got a major ranty piece written about sell out. Maybe I’ll include it next time. But I don’t know if people really want to read what I think.

Hmmm, some people just pissed me off. Maybe one day I’ll tell you what I really think of people, and why my attitude is sometimes the way it is. Maybe.

Only minor rants against the K! people this time, and I’m not going to say anything about the blandness of the readers poll results, and how they are a reflection of how biased and restricted K!s coverage is of new bands. Soulfly best new band. Yawwwwn. Marilyn Manson best band in the world. Double Yawwwwwnnnnnn.

Ooh, you bitch Dave!

Ok, this is another boring issue in terms of the layout. If you want interesting layout with fuck all to read, then go elsewhere. That’s not what this zine is about. Said it before, and will again, I havent got the time, inclination or ability to put together something that “looks good.”

And, it’s full of albums which are a few months old now. Some I’ve just bought, some have been lying around for a while and need to be reviewed. That’s how it goes if you pay for it all yourself.

Argh, it’s September 22, this one has taken nearly a month and a half to put together. Yes, I know you wouldn’t have guessed, you cheeky monkeys. Too long. It ain’t going to continue if it’s as bad as that.

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