Iron Monkey - Our Problem.

Would have scanned all of the “offensive” artwork, but the scanner just wasn’t big enough, so it’s just the front part. Now apparently this is the “first album proper” of the band. Ok, let’s just let me ride here with a little vent. How is this the first album proper? Was that “mini-album” too short? 38 minutes, that makes Slayer’s Reign in Blood an EP. Too few songs? Hmmm, since when was numbers an indication. Let me tell you this, if the same price is being charged for the self titled IM release as for this, then that first one is AN ALBUM. Otherwise make the fucking price fit the product. Mini albums DO NOT cost full price. There is no justification for it. I know that’s a label decision, but sort it out.

So with that rant over, welcome to the SECOND Iron Monkey album. And what have they served up for our pleasure this time. Well, it’s more of the same old sludgey, myGodisthatreallyhowMorrowsoundsthistimeroundstuff. I’m still not convinced he sings anything, and it shouldn’t matter. To me, this would be soooo much better if the vocals were mixed up a bit. The music is great, very Sabbath. I’m sorry, but I really don’t hear any hardcore in the music, as has been claimed. Bad Year starts the ball rolling, with the second track being more uptempo and catchy than anything that was on the mini-album. And that’s pretty much how things continue for the rest of the album. Great music, well, with the exception of the gross overindulgence of the 20 minute title?

Course, it doesn’t matter shit what I say, and indeed I expect the band would be pleased that I struggle with the vocals here. Sometimes it’s about pissing people off. And besides what do I know. I mean, I still think a mini-album should be cheaper than a full album. Sometime I can be so full of shit and just miss the point. Which is better than missing the toilet.