Raggity Anne - Smells Like Fish.

Well, if you read many or any of the punk zines, you’ll have seen this reviewed a while back. Sometimes I don’t operate on the cutting edge, more the blunt trailing er, edge. But here it is anyway.

16 tracks of punky mayhem. Cliche No 1. Wildhearts and NOFX are names that spring to mind quite readily. Cliche No 2. (That’s my cluche, not the bands) The production is a little more polished than I think I was expecting judging by the gig. My attention begins to wane about 3/4 of the way through (how many times have I said that this issue?). There’s sometimes just not enough variation in these bands. The songs are good, but it’s just one wacky anecdote after another. Easily Confused, Where I’m Going Wrong and Cheer Up, are consecutive songs, and the best of the bunch for me, though Table Manners and Vegetable Girl are good as well. Oh, and My T.V Sucks. And apparently no fish were harmed in the recording of this album.

Available from: Smokin’ Troll Records. 48 Llwyn Beuno, Bontnewydd, Caernarvon, Wales LL55 2UH.

About 9 or 10 quid I reckon, as that’s what it cost at the gig.