Thanks to Andy at Century Media for sorting the interviews with Devin and Stampin’ Ground. The bands for their time once more. Everything and everyone that pisses me off for actually giving me something to write about. Without it, there’d be even less in this zine.

Thanks are due to the people who tried to convince me to keep the thing going or gave words of encouragement when they were badly needed. No point in names. Those people know who they are, and I hope, know that I am grateful and indebted to them.

The Review policy (which really doesn’t change from issue to issue).

(Read if you have a demo or before you complain about the lack of stuff in here).

Well, basically the zine covers most things I hope. Rock, metal, punk, hardcore, twistedschizoidfunkaraggamuffin and all it's mutant cousins. it doesn't really matter. Labels just tend to be a convenience. But, most things reviewed in here I buy. I don’t get (many) freebies or advances from labels or anything. So, it tends to be something I buy in the hope I’ll like. But if I don’t, then I can feel justified in criticising.

If you want your demo (or anything else) reviewed, then it would help if you send it to me. I haven’t always got the time and money to go searching for everything, even if I’d like to. I’ll review anything I get sent, though I won’t guarrantte that I’ll like it. If you’ve sent something and it’s not been reviewed, then I never recieve it. Same with zines, or whatever. If bands want fliers etc distributed with the zine, then pass them on and I will do so. For bands with demos or wanting coverage and help, it’s a two way relationship with a zine. You have to help them as well as they help you.


Well, I still like it, so I claim that it’s not someone who walks into a record shop and asks for a disc!

All spelling mistakes are intentional and on purpose, designed to test your skill of observation and not down to stupidity on my behalf. Well, not all the time. Factual mistakes are usually mine, but could be blamed on the computer, or the government, or just the little green men.

The views are my own, except those expressed by other people. If you disagree with them, fine. But remember, it’s only an opinion, everyone’s entitled to it, and it’s a semi-free country. But does it really matter?