Chasm / Milque

Derby Victoria

September 2 1998

You know, there's a definite trend developing to some of my reviews. Trend is not good when it becomes regular pattern, because it can mean lack of creativity. But when it's the truth, then it doesn't matter. And the truth here was a gig featuring two excellent new, young UK bands for a quid. A quid. What's that, half a pint. It doesn't cost you the earth to go out and see young talent. You know, there'll hopefully be a day when some people, myself included, can look back and say, with some honesty, I Saw Them When It Was Only a Quid to Get In.

Milque you'll have already read about a few times in YAZ. And you'll continue to do so. The reason being they're an excellent band. Simple as that. And this six song set proved it again. Their first time in Derby, and hopefully after this showing it won't be the last. Opening with a new track, which despite Zoe giving it's title, I've managed to forget, they gradually won people over. Deal With It helps further, complete with its new, non Faith No More like intro, before one of the best songs of the year, Target. Dynamo is one of the three non-demo songs aired, bass driven, and once more showing another side to the band, before the double of Nightmare and Shifter finish things. One of the quieter moments in the set, with Colin removing his guitar as Zoe finishes the song alone. And it seems that most people here have been won over, with a fair few demos shifting hands at the end of it. Quite right as well. Like I said, I know I seem to say it all the time with UK bands, "we do have bands as good as the States." It's because I sincerely mean it. And Milque, if they are given the right breaks, can be right up there with the best of them.

And so it's time for local band Chasm, whom I've seen once before here supporting the mighty Gorilla. I have a live tape, but as far as I'm aware there isn't a demo at the moment. Once there is, expect to read more about them in YAZ. A contrast to Milque, yet both bands complement each other. Chasm go for more lighter moments, in a definite Far / Deftones / Emo style. New song, 54 "about a train seat, I don't know why" sees people eventually venturing to the front, for a relatively frenzied bit of dancing / moshing. Helmet may be the title for a song, but it's also quite possibly a hint towards an influence. Thankfully Cold isn't. Thought there were some Incubus like riffs in there as well. Mixing effectively between heavy and light, things get chaotic towards the end, to the extent that the band repeat the track 54, which I guess could quite possibly be seen as an encore. Something both bands deserve. Something they don't deserve is for dire zine writers to get things wrong and say they did a FAR cover instead. Shows how little the fools know. Now who could've done that do you think?

Judging from the words said at the end, there should be a return bout in Leeds some time, with the roles reversed. This is what it's about. Good bands helping each other out, and putting on a great gig at the same time. And for a quid. The UK does have a talent. A decent turnout tonight, will have learnt that. Now spread the word, so that next time it's even better. It's on your doorsteps, it doesn't cost the earth and it does deserve your respect and support. Two bands for the future.

You know, I've got this idea of YAZ putting on a gig. Can you imagine if this could be the line-up, no particular order. Chasm, Milque, Gorilla, King Prawn, Medulla Nocte, Earthtone 9, Noisegate, Sack Trick. Varied, all quality acts. And all British. I'll put that lineup against any of your Kerrang! sponsored US band fests. See, some patterns are worth repeating.