With my track record, would you be surprised if I said this was a band from Nottingham and that I know absolutely nothing about them? Nah, didn’t think you would, as it seems to happen almost every issue now. But bizarre things happen. The vocalist was in Way Ahead (the ticket bit), just after I put this together. I heard the name, and it’s one you don’t forget, and lo, look at the credits, and there he is. Doesn’t mean squat, but I just thought I’d share that coincidence.

Anyway, this is a 4 track demo CD that deals in metal in the extreme end of things like Machine Head, Pantera, Seps, with a dash of Iron Monkey. I’m figuring there’s also a death influence here as well, maybe Obituary that sort of thing. But I’ve only heard a few tracks by bands like that, so I can’t be certain. But the vocals certainly explore those avenues at times. Ranging from gruff shouts to that deathlike growl style. It’s not normally my preferred vocal style, but it works here. It fits in. The four tracks on offer here are all fairly lengthy affairs, maybe too much so sometimes, trying to cram in one change too many. But there again, it’s what helps to make opening track Silence so interesting to listen to. It challenges you. And it never drops to anything less than heavy. And indeed, there are some excellent things going on, from the slower, more Machine Head grinding elements, to the sudden change to a speed blast. P.M.O.G. features some drumming which wouldn’t have felt out of place on the last couple of Seps albums, and in Dark Mind Rise there’s some moments which indicate a well good future here.

One problem, for me, is that the production leaves the guitars a bit low sometimes, and the vocals a bit muddy. But hey, it’s a demo. What’s important is the music, and if you have a love of the extreme, then Lysis is a new name to check out. And it comes on CD, with a booklet, even if I couldn’t make out hardly any of the lyrics!


97 Swingate, Kimberley, Nottingham NG16 2PU.

PS: Just saw them live, only their second gig. Blows the demo out of the water. Very good. And in the live situation, the criticism about track length didn’t matter. It worked, and worked well. Review next time. Time to support. Hopefully, you’ll get to hear for yourself next issue.

Little 10 - demo CD

This CD found itself to me from the surrounds of Brighton, which was a nice surprise. And what you get is 6 tracks of music. Yep music. Not downtuned sludge. These people go for the musical approach. And there’s a nice helping of bass in the mix, which I like.

Opener Tramp, comes across like the better parts of the Deftones, the more melodic elements. It has a fine riff running through it, and gradually builds. Second track Little Ten has a neat bass line. There’s something else coming through, but I haven’t figured it yet. Maybe Far, a bit of Tool that sort of thing. But third track Carpee makes me think it a little bit of Pearl Jam, in the vocal style anyway. And it’s got a cracking riff that drives it. Simple but so effective. Should sound good live.

The one problem, and it’s something I’ve heard with a few bands, is that when they decide to go for the screamy vocals, the rawness comes through too much. There’s not always the control there. That may well get tidied up with a full production, and more likely, with more experience and live gigs under the belt.

But it’s a promising start, because after about 3 listens the songs really started to take hold and I found myself playing the CD 3 or 4 times in succession. And by all accounts, there should be an album sometime soon. Which I’m looking forward to anyway. And I mean, they finish with a song called Elvis, what more do you need?

As this comes on CD, couple more quid than normal I reckon. Maybe a fiver.

Contact : Little 10, 79 North Wat, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 3HB.

The Hang Ups - Demo.

Second of the demos that I received from the band. This time it’s a four track affair, and to be honest, it feels a lot better than the previous one. Not much has changed, but the songs are better, especially opening track How Far Do We Go? which is as fine a slice of the melodic pop punk sort of thing that I’ve heard in a while. One of the things that stands out on both the demos is the quality of the production, which is excellent. Everything is clear and nicely balanced, giving a very professional feel to things.

There is still strong sense of the Wildhearts / 3 Colours Red and maybe early Manics influence, but once more, that could be just a lazy comparison by me.

Building Bridges manages to maintain the momentum, and when they harmonise like at the start of Keepin’ The Boy Alive, it actually sounds good. She Wants T.V. is another upbeat belt that finishes off what is an excellent demo. If you like the (ugh, shootme) Britrock thing, then pop a few quid in an envelope and send off for a copy of this. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Contact: The Hang-Ups, Flat 2, 15 Granville Gdns, Jesmond, Newcastle on Tyne, NE2 1HL.