Entombed - Same Difference.

It's about time for an innovation hollers LG Petrov opening track Addiction King. And the first thought is that despite the album title, he may well be right. Here's a more refined Entombed, slightly more polished than the last couple of releases, and with a more accessible vocal from the long haired one. Yet it's similar. Same Difference maybe. Then comes second track, The Supreme Good, which illustrates a definite shift for the 'tombed ones. I mean, come on, they've hit the four minute mark on a song, and they pull back on the reigns. And you know what, it works a treat. When TRSTASTT came out, I was still a bit dubious - Entombed = Death = notouchwithbargepole. But that was an accessible album. This one extends that. They're not mainstream, but if you like heavy music, melodic, but don't like the taste of death, then Entombed are increasingly becoming a band to check out. Ooh, and was that a twangy countryesque thing I just heard on Clauses. Not sure, as it soon gives way to groove drenched riff. What You Need is the closest to TRSTASTT era Entombed, recreating the immediacy in the energy.

Entombed have made the move that they probably needed to do for themselves. This is different but still retains enough of their trademark sound and style to hopefully not alienate too many of their fans. And for those who have kept their distance until now, this is the Entombed album to check out.

Available on Music For Nations.