Helping You Back To Work Vol 2

This is one of the reasons that I respect Tribute To Nothing. They do their own label, support other bands and all that stuff. And this is a sampler CD on their label which only costs a fiver, and showcases a bunch of bands. Some are already on the label, so it can be seen as a self-promotion piece, but other bands are demo bands, or unknown to me. There’s a chance that you’re going to find something that’s new to you as well on here.

This particular volume covers a number of bands who have been reviewed within the pages of YAZ in previous issues. These include the demented blues bastardisation of Zen Guerrilla who donate the track She’s Radar, the rather wonderful Monkey Boy with 10 Below from the Monkey on a Rope single, Shallow, chip in with the track C.L.A Stampin’ Ground who batter out Won’t Be Denied which may, or may not be a track from the Demons Run Amok album. I guess really I should buy it and find out, while Snub contribute Mondo Cain from their EP. So anyway, they are all on here, and in my opinion it’s worth the purchase for those bands alone. But as well as those, there are another 12 bands to sift through.

Unsane's Sick is aptly titled, heavy and distorted yte strangely accessible. Well I think so anyway. Everfresh then go in the complete opposite direction, with a breezy punky offering with a hint maybe of Green Day in their offering Make Up.

I've mentioned before that I've not listened to Tribute themselves very much, and that's true. So I could be pretty much off the mark, but Backdown brings to mind Rollins Band to me, kind of a bit of blues in some ways, but in a hardcore frame. Tiananmen offer up a suitably distorted offering in Recess which shows some potential there. Turtlehead take things back to the meldoic punky realm with Flex and sounds good, avoiding the NOFXisms the many bands end up dealing in.

Mindcore up the heaviness factor once more, coming across as a mixture of hardcore with some Sabbath like riffing on Liar but with a nice effect when it reaches the chorus. It's actually one of my favourite tracks on the album, which I guess means I should actually get in touch with them and find out some more info on them.

Stubborn offer Yours which has a bit of those Pantera high pitched guitar yelps in it, but vocalist(s?) that sing rather than growl. It's a bit of that "let's have a rap style vocalist Vs a singer thing going on," something like Freekspert are doing at the moment.

Charger then offer up the lo-fi Black Acid Rape with Sampson finishing things off with House Of Ruth, a laid back Hip Hop sort of thing, which is just too far outside of my understanding to make much comment on.